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What Does a Gynecologist Do?

A gynecologist covers all aspects of your reproductive health, including:

  • Preventive care
  • Birth control options
  • Testing for and treatment of sexually transmitted infections
  • Management of menopause and menstrual issues

Some gynecologists also have specific subspecialties and are better equipped to deal with particular health issues, such as pelvic floor dysfunction or endometriosis. Your provider can recommend treatments that help you feel better and understand your body’s needs.

Our Gynecology Services

It’s our goal to help you receive the right medical care for you. Our providers offer a range of services, including:

  • Endometrial ablation
  • Management of endometriosis
  • Preventive pelvic exams
  • Pap smears
  • STD/STI testing
  • Mammograms
  • Birth control counseling
  • Fibroid Treatment

Our providers are experienced in caring for teens and adults at any stage, from your first period to menopause. Our providers have heard it all, so feel free to discuss any healthcare needs, questions, or plans you have. Our goal is to help you be healthy and happy.

How Often Should I Meet With My Gynecologist?

Routine gynecology visits are recommended to ensure that you receive the preventive healthcare you need. Most providers suggest visiting at least once a year for an annual exam; however, we are here for you whenever you need us. Your provider can make recommendations based on your specific needs and ensure you have all the information you need to make informed decisions about your care.

Schedule a Gynecology Appointment Today

Whether you want to discuss your birth control options or it’s time for your annual exam, the providers at UWH of Michigan are here to support every area of your reproductive health. Contact us to schedule a gynecology appointment today.