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A Comprehensive Network of Care

The UWH of Michigan network includes multiple locations throughout Michigan and 40 providers specializing in diverse aspects of women’s healthcare. We strive to serve patients across Michigan from various backgrounds and lifestyles. We partner with Unified Women’s Healthcare and their business units—CCRM Fertility, Gennev, and Lucina—to foster collaboration and comprehensive care for women of all ages, from teenagers to elders.

Thousands of patients in our care have rated us 4.89 stars across the entire UWH of Michigan affiliate.

We Are Dedicated to Women’s Healthcare

You deserve to have a provider that you trust and feel comfortable with, discussing topics that are typically uncomfortable. Our providers create a trusting and understanding environment at every appointment so you can receive the healthcare you need.

We want patients to feel welcomed during each milestone of their healthcare journey. Our team is invested in your health and well-being; we work hard to help you be your best self.

Advanced Care, Technology, and Techniques

Women’s healthcare continues to evolve with new techniques, best practices, and technologies emerging every day. Our team of providers stays up to date with the latest innovations to ensure that you get the best care possible.

We understand how important trust and comfort are to a positive healthcare experience. Many of our offices are equipped to offer in-office 3D mammography, ultrasounds, and in-office surgery. This allows you to receive the care you need in an environment you’re already comfortable with.

Find Your UWH of Michigan Provider Today

UWH of Michigan providers aim to build lifelong relationships with their patients. If you’re ready to find your next women’s healthcare provider, contact us to schedule an appointment.